I care about people, particularly those less fortunate than myself. As noted elsewhere on  this website, I love photographing people.  Anyone.  Any demographic. Any place.  I am readily engaged by people and their stories.  A natural extension of this is that I enjoy collaborating with others on projects that help with social issues.  Below is a sampling of these projects.

Clean Inspirations

I am working on this project at the Jefferson Reeves Womens Residential Drug Treatment facility in North Miami. This project entails compiling a book of portraits of the women clients and an inspirational quote from each. Copies of the book will be kept at the facility for future clients to draw inspiration from thos who have gone before them.


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Homeless Postcards

This project began when I decided I wanted to directly help homeless people.  I did not want to take pictures from afar annd lament their condition and propose others heal this social problem.  That wont happen.  I wanted to directly engage individual homeless people and do somethinf=g nice for them each as individuals. I decided to make a nice photograph of each individual and put it on a postcard.  On the back of the postcard I printed text describing a bit about each person. I gave each person a dozen copies with the idea that they could give a postcard to omeone who helped them so that that person would see them as a real person and not just a beggar on the street.


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Grace House

The picture to the left is a photograph of Jimmy whho attended daycare a Grace House, a center for children who could not afford daycare.  This was my first social issue project.  Jimmy's photograph ended up in a Museum exhibition and his class did a field trip to the Museum to see Jimmy's photograph in the exhibition.`


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