Lewis Wilkinson has been taking photographs since he was 15.  His photographs earned him the position of Photography Editor of his high school yearbook.  Outside of school his work was included in an exhibition of Virginia Photographers at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  After graduation from the University of Virginia, Lewis followed a career path that utilized both his artistic and communications skills.
Lewis, now 70-plus, practices photography exclusively.  As a freelancer, Lewis shoots primarily images used for corporate publications.  This work brings to bear his corporate communications background as well as his photographic skills.  Recent assignments for not-for-profit organizations has recently shifted Lewis' efforts toward assignments that make a difference.
I produce books and videos about people that readers typically can not access.  Two examples are:

1) interviews with the homeless in Miami.  Published in conjunction with the University of Miami, StreetWays, contains 24 oral interviews with the homeless, a population that is misunderstood and most people are reluctant to approach.

2) Interviews with women in Parliament in Rwanda where they hold 64% of the seats, the largest of any country. They are half a world aw
ay and so busy it is hard to schedule time to talk.  Groups like these offer real insight into worlds most readers will find fascinating but hardly know about.
Thank you!
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